All You Need to Know about Projection Mapping

We are all familiar with projector that projects a moving image or moving video onto a flat white surface. But do you know we have home-grown artists that create impressive visual excitement with projector?

Moving away from traditional flat projection surfaces, Projection Mapping is a video projection technique that manipulates any objects such as buildings and natural landscapes into projection surface to create illusions of deconstruction and redefinition of the objects’ physical shapes.

FILAMEN is a collective in Malaysia that actively incorporates interactive technology into art and design focusing on projection mapping techniques. Convened by FILAMEN, the workshop serves as a beginner’s introduction to the methods of creating projection mapping, including how to map three-dimensional surfaces using Resolume Arena. Both a sharing session and hands-on activity for creatives who are interested in exploring and expanding projection mapping skills, you will be equipped and learned the workflow and technical skills required in creating interactive projection mapping.

Do not miss this talk by FILAMEN, who had their amazing projects featured at George Town Festival 2019, Rainforest In The City 2019 (RITC), Urbanscapes 2018. To know more, join us with FILAMEN at iNYALA workshop.

“World of Fantasy” produced by Filamen (powered by Epson Malaysia), George Town Festival 2019