Production of Interactive Art Installation

Cheang Lin Yew is one of Malaysia’s first interactive designers, new media artist and educator on the subject. An award-winning veteran in the field, Lin Yew is the head at The One Academy’s Digital Media Design Department. He co-founded multidisciplinary design studios – Hyperthesis Visual Lab in New Zealand and Super Nature Design in Shanghai. Out of the numerous digital installations he has done for international clients, his favourite is a light sculpture which hangs above the bar of The Nest, a gastro lounge at Rock Bund Shanghai, which received the Best Lounge of the Year vote for three consecutive years.

With more than 25 years of experience in design education and research, Lin Yew specializes in interactive design and digital media, user experience, design and technology integration, new media research and development and physical computing. He currently lives and works in Malaysia and hopes to be able to pass on his knowledge and experience to the younger generation, with his advice to young artists out there “to never underestimate the importance of creativity or art and design. Equip yourself with knowledge of technology and you will have a very bright future. Don’t be intimidated, own it and apply it.”

“Fly Beyond” by Lin Yew (Super Nature Design), The Nest