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Illuminate UOB Plaza 1 Kuala Lumpur through Environmental Consciousness

enLightED by Helios L., iNYALA

In collaboration with UOB Malaysia, iNYALA was given the opportunity to illuminate UOB Plaza 1 Kuala Lumpur, Level 9, using a sustainable approach to create an engaging experience for the invited VIPs and honoured guests during the Jom Transform Sustainability Accelerator Programme 2023. 

To enliven the bare space, iNYALA diverts used LED display panels from unwanted outdoor digital billboard into the primary illumination source for the floor. Through upcycling and repurposing the used LED display panels as the soul of the installation art, we are giving them a second life instead of going to landfills. This results in a unique experience where the entire Level 9 is bathed in light and colours, symbolizing a promising future of sustainability. 

The space is centered with cocktail tables adorned with rejuvenated LED display panels where the tables are creatively arranged and formed the letters UOB. This not only adds an air of elegance to the space but also underscores UOB’s commitment to sustainability. 

On each cocktail table, there is presence of specially designed coasters that are hand crafted through letterpress techniques. The materials of the coaster are made from eco-friendly chipboard that embody ESG principles with the composition of 100% recycled fiber along with the combination of post-consumer and pre-consumer materials.

On both sides of the floor, you will be able to experience the joy of sustainability through the illuminated LED Tetris blocks. Each Tetris block represents a piece of the environmental puzzle. In the Tetris game, by moving differently shaped blocks descend onto the playing field, completed lines will disappear from the matrix when the vacated spaces are filled. This signifies when we align and allocate our resources correctly with collaborative effort, we will be able to resolve complex challenges just like fitting the Tetris pieces together in a line. 

Other than serving as source of illumination for the space, it is worth noting that the LED display panels synchronizes with the ambience music, creating a mesmerizing spectrum of colours that dances to the rhythm of the hall. This implicitly expresses the importance of harmony in sustainable living. 

The installation art is named enLightED, a thought-provoking space to inspire and aspire everyone in paving the path toward sustainable practice along the ESG journey. 

Join us for an eco-conscious post-event networking gathering following Day 3 of the Jom Transform Sustainability Accelerator Programme, where we toast to a more vibrant and sustainable future. Let’s raise our glasses to the embodiment of ESG values with every sip. Cheers to a greener tomorrow!

To learn more about iNYALA, please visit [ Link to ]

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