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The workshop began with a sharing session from KC Tan who spoke on transforming data into different visual outputs while sharing some of the processing approaches that he adopts such as 3D rendering, motion capture and sound analysis. There was also discussion on how data biases always happen whenever working with datasets and manipulating data for visual purposes.

Crystal Jow mentioned that “Making the Invisible, Visible” is what is important to her work, sharing examples of some of her interactive generative content that shows it is possible to run on 100% green energy. She also shared how making art a collaborative process through interactive elements is important to her practice especially when working with something that may seem dull like data. 

Meanwhile Foong shared about how data is typically thought of as overwhelming and difficult where new media art challenges this with the task of making intangible and tangible information meaningful and evoking empathy.

Data visualisation is clearly an important tool in engaging with audiences and fostering better understanding of particular topics and subjects. It would play a key part in the iNYALA 2022 competition, specifically within the context of Sustainable Development Goals as iNYALA hopes to connect communities and create dialogue about technology, sustainability and art.

Click here to watch full sharing session.

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